VPEF Board of Directors

Ernest Kimme

Ernest Kimme is a retired teacher.  He taught elementary school for 6 years and middle school math for 25 years.  He has been the President of the Vacaville Teachers Association, Chair of the Solano County Parks  and Recreation Commission, Acting Solano County Parks Director,  member of the Vacaville City Council (1990 to 1998), Vice-Mayor of  the City of Vacaville, Chair of the Solano County Orderly Growth Committee, Chair of Vacaville Community Housing, and President of the Board of the Unity Church of the Valley.  He currently serves on the Vacaville Community Housing Board, the PACE Board of Directors, Solano County Orderly Growth Committee, and the Vacaville Public Education Foundation.  He also is on the Vacaville Reporter’s Editorial Board, and recently started writing a weekly column for the paper.  In his spare time, he volunteers at the Math Lab at Solano Community College, helping students with their math homework. He is very pleased to be on the VPEF Board.  Vacaville is very lucky to have an organization like VPEF that is such an active supporter of public education, and he hopes to be able to help them create new learning opportunities for Vacaville school children.

Jennifer Leonard

 Jennifer Leonard is the President of Modus Solutions, a marketing firm that specializes in strategic marketing and sponsorship sales for non- profit organizations. Ms. Leonard specializes in value proposition development and communication strategies that work to maximize financial return as well as grow alongside a growing organization. She also oversees operations, community outreach and marketing for Blue Ridge Family Dental in Vacaville. Jennifer’s most challenging task however, is keeping up with her three gregarious daughters who are all currently enrolled in VUSD.

Nolan Sullivan – President

 Nolan Sullivan is a Program Manager for the Yolo County Department
of Employment and Social Services. Nolan has lived in Vacaville since the age of 5 and has attended and benefited from the Vacaville public school system. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Administration in Public Recreation with a minor in Human Resources at California State University Chico and his Master’s in Public Administration from University of San Francisco.  Nolan is an alumni of the Vacaville Leadership program and could not think of a better community to be a part of. Nolan has always been very grateful for the educational experience he received in the Vacaville public school system and wants to ensure his son and future generations benefit from this tremendous community resource.

Tracee Stacey

 Tracee owns and publishes Prime Time Living Magazine and is the Community Educator for the Older Adult Mental Health Program at the Area Agency on Aging.  She has lived in Vacaville for 25 years and is a proud graduate of the VUSD system.  Together with her husband Brian they have three children with two currently enrolled in the VUSD system and the third on his way. Tracee is currently serving on VUSD’s budget advisory committee.  She is passionate about the future of our community and believes our future is our children.  She believes every student deserves the best education possible and every teacher deserves a healthy and supported environment to teach in.  Tracee believes VPEF is an integral part of Vacaville’s Public Education system and is excited about donating her time in service to supporting VPEF’s efforts.

Michael White

 Michael White is a Financial Consultant with Travis Credit Union where he identifies, prioritizes, and helps clients strategically reach their investment goals. He lives in Vacaville with wife Jenny and three children who are all VUSD students. He earned his MBA from UC Davis and BS in Business Administration from St. Mary’s College.Michael joined the VPEF Board of Directors in 2012 and is currently a member of Vacaville Rotary. He is actively involved in his children’s educational and sporting activities. His love & support of the Vacaville education community stems from his wife Jenny and inlaws — Dave, Nancy, Deke, & Erik Shelton — who have been residents of Vacaville since 1981. Michael is committed to providing all VUSD students the extra curricular opportunities that enrich the VUSD curriculum — including GATE, music, sports, field trips, technology apps (like Accelerated Reader), and LEGO Robotics.

Jennifer Goode

 Jennifer Goode is a decade-long Vacaville resident who is committed to the ongoing improvement of her community.  She is currently serving her third term as a City Commissioner for Vacaville’s Community Services Commission.  Perhaps most recognized for her recent City Council run in the November 2012 elections, Jennifer proved herself a formidable presence in local politics when she captured just over 20% of the vote as newcomer to the political scene, narrowly missing the incumbent’s seat.  Jennifer has been featured on national radio programs and is dubbed “a rising star” in local and statewide politics.   Arising from humble beginnings, Jennifer and her siblings were the first generation of her family to graduate college and pursue higher education.  As a self-proclaimed product of the public education system, Jennifer attributes much of her success to being blessed with a solid educational foundation that included opportunity and access to art, music, science and literature programs.  Jennifer believes these programs are a crucial part of a child’s education given their immeasurable value in bolstering classroom engagement and fostering creativity, while developing a more competitive workforce, and she is a proponent of VPEF’s contribution in these areas.  Jennifer currently works as a technical writer and editor for a Sacramento-based IT consulting firm.  She holds a Juris Doctor of Law degree from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois, and graduated Cum Laude with honors in political science from Loyola University, Chicago.

Kathy Salling

 Kathy came to Vacaville in 1996 with her husband, Greg, and their three children, who each attended and graduated from VUSD schools.  Throughout the years, Kathy has been an active volunteer in various youth and community activities ranging from leading Girl Scouts, teaching Sunday school, preparing tax returns with the United Way Earn it! Keep it! Save it! Project, and serving as a judge or proctor for the Academic Decathlon.  In addition to VPEF, Kathy serves on the boards of Meals on Wheels of Solano County and Solano Midnight Sun Breast Cancer Foundation.  In her professional career, Kathy worked as a legal assistant for more than a decade, and as a long-term substitute teacher for the VUSD for five years.  She worked as executive assistant for Children’s Network of Solano County for two years, and then co-authored a study at the California Research Bureau related to statewide career education opportunities in public middle and high schools.  She is currently a staff analyst with the California Department of Education.  In 2011-12, Kathy completed a thesis measuring the effect of supplemental tutoring on academic achievement, and she earned a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Administration from CSU Sacramento; she also holds a California Real Estate Broker’s License.  Kathy enjoys working collaboratively and participating with community leaders to improve and increase local resources for social programs.

 Jeremy Jeffreys

My name is Jeremy Jeffreys. I grew up and went to school here in Vacaville and I am a graduate of Vacaville High School. My wife and I are both public school teachers and we have two wonderful daughters. I’ve dedicated all of my adult life to the service of my country and my community. I’m a technology electives teacher at a middle school and the Adult School in Fairfield. I have been teaching for 13 years and my first year I taught at Will C Wood High School. I have a Master’s degree in education with emphasis in technology and I currently hold California teaching credentials in History (Social Science), Government and Economics and Industrial Technology. I am also a published author. I wrote a book about infusing technology into the core academic classroom. In addition to teaching I am a military member and a veteran with 17 years of military service and a small business owner. I also spent six years volunteering here in Vacaville with the Police Department. I believe that anyone who has worked with me in the past, would agree that I truly have a passion for education and community. It is that passion that drives me as a board member with the Vacaville Public Education Foundation. I strive to be the kind of board member who works hard to assure that the students in Vacaville are given the opportunity to enrich their education, through funding for programs like music and the arts, programs that have been hardest hit recently with budget cuts. My older daughter grew up here in Vacaville with the opportunity to become involved in school music programs, a programs supported by VPEF. Over the years music has become her passion and she now plans on a career as a music teacher. Through funding and community partnerships VPEF has given, countless students, life-changing opportunities. As a parent I truly appreciate the great job that VPEF has done to support the students in our community.


Jo Anne Bucsko, MSEd

I have had the privilege of serving several roles within Vacaville Unified School District over the last eight years. I currently enjoy the position of Administrator of Special Programs as well as fulfilling the responsibilities of  Assistant Principal.  I began my administrative career at  Jean Callison Elementary  and currently co-administrate at Browns Valley Elementary School. I am charged with guiding student safety and knowing students by name and need in order to support all types of learners. Additionally, I have managed the VUSD population of Gifted and Talented Students for the last seven years. My scope includes building and delivering competitions, engaging students, and implementing standards-based learning in a creative, cost-efficient manner. In my second year, I was also responsible for managing and delivering opportunities to students in an after-school education and safety program.


Khala Hastings

My name is Khala Hastings and I’ve lived in Vacaville since 1992. I attended elementary school, Jr. high School, and high school all here in Vacaville (Vacaville Unified School District).  I am married and I am proud of my five wonderful children, all of whom attend Vacaville schools. I have never been the type of person who shied away from hard work. I have a strong work ethic and I’ve enjoyed working and volunteering my entire life. I had my first paying job at the young age of 13. I worked as a janitor at Alamo school during the summer. The following summer I became a youth counselor at UC Davis. In the midst of working and going to school, I was also a student body representative for the board of education. Over the years I’ve volunteered at several convalescent homes including Eskaton in Sacramento and the Winsor House in Vacaville. Currently I am a school noon supervisor, I have my own in-home Daycare business, and I work at a local retail shop called Ann Taylor. I am also members of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and a school site council member at my children’s school. My love of our community is the driving force behind my extensive community service work. If only there were more hours in a day. I feel truly blessed to be able to say I’m from Vacaville!


Sandy Rush

A fifth generation Californian, and a third generation native of Oakland, California, Sandy Rush moved to Vacaville 35 years ago, and has never regretted it.  In addition to seeing her two sons go through Vacaville schools and on to become an engineer and a minister, Sandy just recently retired from Vacaville Unified School District as an administrative secretary.  Sandy can frequently be seen at the district office subbing at the front desk, where she can meet and greet all her old friends from 27 years of employment with the school system.  After a dream of lifetime trip to Scotland, Sandy began to look around for a way to give back to the community she loves so much.  In VPEF, she believes she has found that outlet, and looks forward to being of assistance with the secretarial skills honed over the years.


Megan Burns

My name is Megan Burns and I am currently a teacher in the Vacaville Unified School District.  Many members of my family are educators, so perhaps that’s where I originally fell in love with teaching.   I was raised in the St. Louis area, but moved to Mississippi to pursue further education.  I studied and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Education at Mississippi State University in 2008.  I moved to Vacaville with my husband who is Active Duty Air Force in 2009.  I have been substitute teaching in the VUSD, seeing first-hand the good that VPEF has done. Looking to get more involved, I joined the VPEF board in 2013.  I am so excited to be a part of VPEF and I can’t wait to give back to the children of our community!


Shawn Windham

Shawn Windham is a police officer and has been working for the Vacaville Police Department since 1993, initially as a Community Service Officer and then as a Police Officer.  Shawn has served as a Youth Services Officer and as a Family Services Detective among other assignments during his career. Shawn has 3 children; all of which attend school in the Vacaville Unified School District. Shawn plays the guitar and plays music with co-workers, often performing for benefit and fundraising events. Shawn grew up in the rural area of Vacaville and has remained in and around the Vacaville area for the vast majority of his life. Shawn has previous experience with the Concord Police Department as a Police Intern and the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff.

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