Become a VPEF Sponsor

The students of the Vacaville Unified School District count on the community for support. To maintain a high standard of living for the future of Vacaville, we all must help our young people on the road to success. Every year VPEF opens a mini-grant process to all teachers seeking funding to enable enrichment activities for their students.

VPEF membership donations and sponsorships have a direct and tangible impact on the quality of the education our children receive. Every dollar you give goes to a local student or teacher. Helping our schools, helps our community by creating a prepared local work force, reducing crime statistics, and broadening the experiences and perspectives of our future community leaders

VPEF has several different ways to donate and all donations are tax deductible!

1) You or your business can become a Major Sponsor!

Every year local businesses make a tax deductible donation to VPEF in the amounts of $1000 – $25,000+  supporting vital educational activities in programs like field trips, sports, healthy activities, STEM, music and many other activities in our school district. These businesses provide major support for our programmatic operations and provide a huge impact to students and teachers. If you or your business are interested in becoming a major sponsor please email us. Major sponsors donating $5,000 or more receive their logos on all marketing material for the year including; school site banners, all printed materials, a wrapped City Coach Bus, at Loop the Lagoon and recognition at all activities throughout that year.

2) Become a VPEF Member!

Memberships are designed for individuals and families who would like to provide a donation in the $20 – $500 range. These tax deductible donations are numerous and we count on local families and individuals to help us reach our mission. As the foundation of our relationship with the community VPEF memberships enable us to continue to fund yearly mini-grants and build enrichment throughout the district and connect our mission with our local families and students that support us. Would you like to become an annual VPEF member? Email us.

3) Leave a legacy in retirement or trust planning by donating to the VPEF Endowment!

Over the past nine years board members, volunteers and supporters have enabled this opportunity to begin a long-term commitment to public education in the VUSD. The Fund is designed to protect the principal of the investments which is never to be used for anything other than generate interest income. Overtime the fund will grow, with that the interest income will also grow into a significant annual income that can be used to augment the annual support from donors.

  • In 2009 some of the original board members seeded the first phase of the endowment with just under $100,000
  • In 2012 the board implemented a policy where 10% of net fundraised would be allocated to the endowment to grow the fund
  • In 2015 Ernest Kimme's Estate makes sizeable donation to the Endowment

In 2016 Endowment Committee launched to grow fund and steward investment. VPEF estimates that by the end of this 2017 we will have $500,000+ in the endowment and we hope that by the end of 2018 after Ernest's estate is settled we'll have over $1 million. We conservatively estimate we'll earn 4% interest on our principal investment annually. Help us reach our long term goal of funding enrichment grants in Vacaville forever and donate to the endowment today! If you would like to create a lasting legacy for you and your family, please contact us.

Goal # 1 -2016$500,000$20,000
Goal # 1 -2020$1,000,000$40,000
Goal # 1 -2025$2,000,000$80,000
Goal # 1 - 2030$2,500,000$100,000