Become a VPEF Member or Donor


Become a VPEF Donor Member!

Memberships are designed for individuals and families who would like to provide a donation in the $20 – $500 range. These tax deductible donations are numerous and we count on local families and individuals to help us reach our mission. As the foundation of our relationship with the community VPEF memberships enable us to continue to fund yearly mini-grants and build enrichment throughout the district and connect our mission with our local families and students that support us. Would you like to become an annual VPEF member? Email us.

A Legacy Donor

Are you passionate about public education? Do you want to leave a lasting legacy for teachers and students in Vacaville for years to come. A select few have decided to donate to the VPEF Endowment. These are major donations that will produce grants for Vacaville public schools in perpetuity. Would you like to honor a loved one or make a gift that will continuously give to Vacaville schools? Becoming a Legacy Donor may be for you.

Endowment History:

• 2009 some of the original board members seeded the first phase of the endowment with just under $100,000

• 2012 the board implemented a policy where 10% of net fundraised would be allocated to the endowment to grow the fund

• 2015 Ernest Kimme's Estate makes sizeable donation to the Endowment

• 2016 Endowment Committee launched to grow fund and steward investment. VPEF grows initial fund to $650,0002020 because of generous donors over the past few years, especially additional gifts from Ernest Kimme Estate the Endowment Fund now sits at $1,200,000

✓ Goal # 1 -2016 $500,000 $20,000
✓ Goal # 1 -2020 $1,000,000 $40,000
Goal # 1 -2025 $2,000,000 $80,000
Goal # 1 - 2030 $2,500,000 $100,000