How VPEF Enriches Education in Vacaville

Since our inception in 2003, the Vacaville Public Education foundation, in a partnership with the community of Vacaville, has raised over 3 million dollars for the teachers and students of the Vacaville public school system. We fund programs that educate, enrich and keep children healthy. Things like field trips, lab equipment, robotics, health programs, sports, music and many others that help our students become well-rounded adults and ready to compete in the global economy. Tangible items the district can no longer often afford to provide that teachers need to give our students the highest quality education.

The Vacaville Public Education Foundation is an independent 501(c)3.  We are all volunteer and have no paid staff. We are not a part of the school district.  We work closely with the district in order to achieve goals we set together to better meet the needs of our students. VPEF serves students by working strategically with the district to determine the yearly needs of the schools based on economic factors that may affect our schools from a local, state or federal level. Our grants go directly to teachers, we never pass the funds through the district and always ensure they have the most impact for students.

We disburse funds through an annual mini-grant program every September to provide our teachers direct funding in the form of grants of up to $1000 per classroom to provide creative enrichment opportunities for their students; field trips to science or history museums, school wide assemblies, special kinds of technology or innovative classroom tool, for example. We try to balance grants between schools in Vacaville and allocate them according to population across all schools. Unfortunately the need often outweighs what we can fund. That is why we need your help!

VPEF also provides a number of specialty grants to district schools specifically grants to focus on children’s literacy in our schools from the generous support of John and Diane Thompson every year and grants to benefit STEM activities in all of our schools annually from Genentech.

In 2015 VPEF began offering the yearly “Kimme-Scholarship” in honor of our long time board member Ernest Kimme of up to $2500 for young ladies pursuing their degree in a science, technology, engineering or math field.

Every dollar you donate goes to helping a teacher or student in Vacaville!