VPEF Board of Directors

Nolan Sullivan

Nolan Sullivan - Ex-Officio Board Member


Nolan Sullivan is a Program Manager for the Yolo County Department of Employment and Social Services. Nolan has lived in Vacaville since the age of 5 and has attended and benefited from the Vacaville public school system. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Administration in Public Recreation with a minor in Human Resources at California State University Chico and his Master’s in Public Administration from University of San Francisco.  Nolan is an alumni of the Vacaville Leadership program and could not think of a better community to be a part of. Nolan has always been very grateful for the educational experience he received in the Vacaville public school system and wants to ensure his son and future generations benefit from this tremendous community resource.  Nolan now serves on the VUSD board, and while unable to remain a voting member, Nolan remains active on VPEF – and we’re very glad he does!