2018 Loop the Lagoon

Calling all Runners and Walkers!

Please join us on April 28th for our 15th Annual Loop the Lagoon Family Fun Run 5K, 10K Tower, 2 Mile Walk and Kids Race. There is something fun for everyone!

Giving Back to Vacaville Schools!

Half of all registration fees go back to Vacaville Schools! When you register online, select your Vacaville School and half the proceeds will go back to your campus to support your school!! 

Don’t feel like running? We need volunteers!

Would you like to volunteer at this Year’s Loop the Lagoon? If so, email us at info@vpef.org

Callison Elementary purchase books through VPEF Grant

Thank you VPEF.

We so appreciate and love the books that you gave us the opportunity of purchasing because of the VPEF Grant that you offered.    The kids were excited to check out the books.  I personally love seeing children get excited over reading books.  I know that these books will benefit the kids here at Callison Elementary.  So thanks again.  I have attached a few pictures.  Unfortunately, you can’t really read the sign that a student is holding up.  It says, “Thank you VPEF”

Karen Nickolette
Callison Elementary Library Media Tech