Callison Elementary purchase books through VPEF Grant

Thank you VPEF.

We so appreciate and love the books that you gave us the opportunity of purchasing because of the VPEF Grant that you offered.    The kids were excited to check out the books.  I personally love seeing children get excited over reading books.  I know that these books will benefit the kids here at Callison Elementary.  So thanks again.  I have attached a few pictures.  Unfortunately, you can’t really read the sign that a student is holding up.  It says, “Thank you VPEF”

Karen Nickolette
Callison Elementary Library Media Tech

Ernest Kimme Scholarship Established

The late civic leader, retired teacher and columnist Ernest Kimme ended his last column, published Tuesday in The Reporter and written before he died on Aug. 12, with, “Go home and be nice to each other. Blessings.”

Deeply informed of so many things about local government and education, Kimme also is remembered for his kindness and generosity, in particular the Kimme Challenge for the Vacaville Public Education Foundation. Continue reading Ernest Kimme Scholarship Established