Ernest Kimme Scholarship Established

The late civic leader, retired teacher and columnist Ernest Kimme ended his last column, published Tuesday in The Reporter and written before he died on Aug. 12, with, “Go home and be nice to each other. Blessings.”

Deeply informed of so many things about local government and education, Kimme also is remembered for his kindness and generosity, in particular the Kimme Challenge for the Vacaville Public Education Foundation. Continue reading Ernest Kimme Scholarship Established

Hailey L Thank You VPEF Grant for Computers

Dear Vacaville Public Education Foundation,

It was very generous of you to grant us computers. Thank you for the two computers. All since we have received these, it has been so much easier. We no longer have to walk to the computer lab and waste more working time getting there. Having more computers is also nice because we don’t have to wait for someone to finish their assignment on the computer because we each have one now. We have been using the computers for essays, powerpoints, poems, etc.. Again I thank you for giving them to us.

Hailey L. (student)

VPEF Brings in Large Donation for Music Program

The Vacaville Public Education Foundation presented a check for $6,899 to the district at its Dec. 9 Board meeting to support music programs in the school district. “We appreciate the efforts of the music department to keep the arts and music alive in our schools to enrich our students and entire community,” stated VPEF president Catherine Podkin in a letter presented to the board. Continue reading VPEF Brings in Large Donation for Music Program